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Clogged Dryer vent


Dryer ducts need cleaned semi-annually. Cleaning will improve efficiency & reduce risk of a lint fire. This article discusses the difference between flexible vinyl / foil, semi-rigid metal and rigid metal styles. 

Family Handyman Magazine article
Article written by Jason White and Rick Muscoplat can be found in March  2017 issue of Family Handyman magazine

Sump pump


Sump pumps augment your foundation drainage. These pumps need annual service and should be monitored monthly. Your system should have a backup power supply, pump and alarm system to alert you that it is working. If you are looking at purchasing a sump pump or you’re not sure why you have one, take a moment  to read: What is a sump pump

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Failed boot flange


Damaged seals and rubber boot flanges are a common source for leaking roofs. These gaskets seal roof penetrations like waste vent pipes or HVAC exhaust vents. Have a professional roofing contractor evaluate your roof every three years once the roof is older than 10 years. A little effort to inspect and care for these now will save you a big headache and wet ceiling later. 

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